Digital Art

I have been an avid photographer my entire life. I have recently begun to make digital art based on my photographs, including photojournalism, nature, and travel. Here are some examples.

More Paintings

Another set of paintings, both oil and acrylic, which are all available for sale at R Studio Home Gallery.

Recent Work

Much of my more recent work involved using water-based oil paints (yes, that is a thing – and it makes cleaning up a lot easier!) on canvas and other media. Many of these are available for purchase through R Studio Home Gallery.

Older Work

These are samples of my work from past years. Most are done as watercolour and/or acrylic washes on paper with lots of colour blending and folding.

Oil and Food Colouring

A technique of taking a small (5″ by 7″-ish) piece of paper and dredging it through a mixture of cooking oil, food colouring, and water.