Paula E. Kirman has lived in Edmonton her entire life. Her photographs capture slices of life around town focusing on shapes, colour, and composition, while interjecting humour here and there. Paula has a special interest in the natural world, especially as it coexists in an urban area. Her photographs have been exhibited in juried/curated shows at City Hall, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Visual Arts Alberta, as well as caf├ęs and businesses, and have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, and websites. Her abstract paintings have been featured in arts publications. She is also the editor of a community newspaper, a social media consultant, freelance writer, musician, and occasionally a juggler.

Personal Statement

I am a multimedia artist who is passionate about the arts, music, and social justice. The medias in which I work include writing, photography, visual art, and music. I am passionate about peace, social justice, fighting poverty, and encouraging media literacy.